Turkish Sugar Candy Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish sugar candy, Turkey sugar candy manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality sugar candy from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

MAVERA DIS TICARET A.S.        Türkiye     Hamdi AKYOL    
s auxiliary ingredients for desserts, cake containers, companies, company, delicatessen containers, dessert containers, dough additives, dried fruit containers, egg trays, export, flour mixtures, fruit containers, import, leak-proof and clamshell containers, manufacturing, printed containers and lids, producers, ready desserts, salad containers, sauce containers and lids, sealable and map food containers, spice blend, baby products, spices, biscuit, cake, cracker, wafer, tomato paste, canned products, pepper paste, boiled products, pickles, black olives, white cheese, jams, pulses, olives, bakery products, soups, hot drinks, ready meals, natural mineral water, napkin, green olives, dairy products, sauce, corn oil, meat sauce, lemon sauce, coconut, ginger, pepper pickles, pine nut, gum, turkish delights, organic products, butter, basil, rosemary, maize oil, sugar candy, goat cheese, frozen foods, kashkaval, classic white cheese, sunflower oil, olive oil, toilet paper, sugar-free products, light products, apple vinegar, traditional cheeses, grape vinegar, olive paste, teas, tuna fish, spice blends, halva lines, tahini and molasses, wafers and crquant, summer products, breakfast items, light and diabetic products, chocolate and produsts with chocolate, margarine and liquid oils, cold drinks, hot red pepper, black cummin, spices for stuffed pepper, blue poppyseed, assorted teas, salpicons, sos and drinks, pepper and tomato paste 2 in 1, ketchaps and mayonaises, olive and olive oil, sheepcheese, uf feta cheese, gourmet vinegar, salad dressings, mustards, fresh yellow cheeses, spreadable cheeses, strained yoghurt, open delicatessen, paper towil
s food products, turkish delights, turkish delight, hazelnut delight, walnut delight, double roasted delight, sugars, chocolates, bitter chocolate, chocolate with nuts, chestnut, chestnut sweet, turkish coffee, cotton candy, halva, candy, hard candy, sugar candy
LOBENA SEKERLEME SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mustafa GÖK    
s turkish delights, confectioneries, sweets, delights, double roasted turkish delights, pasha turkish delights, sultan turkish delights, soudjouk turkish delights, cezerye, classical turkish delights, fruit turkish delights, mevlana candy, candies, hard candies, mint candies, fruit candies, orange candies, strawberry candies, lemon candies, sesame halvas, round candies, mix fruit mint candies, sesame hard candies, sugar candies, rock candies, turkish delight, confectionery, candy, mint candy, delight, hard candy, rock candy, sesame hard candy, sesame halva, double roasted turkish delight, sugar candy, fruit candy, sweet, soudjouk turkish delight, lemon candy, orange candy, pasha turkish delight, strawberry candy, sultan turkish delight, classical turkish delight, sesame rock candy, fruit turkish delight, round candy, mix fruit mint candy
KARDELEN TARIM URUNLERI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Şenol YETER    
s spice, spices, condiments, anise, lupine, yellowberry, white pepper, dried hawthorn, safflower, vegetable oils, okra seeds, wheat starch, wheat flour, wheat germ, wheat bran, vetch seed, vetch flour, curry, pine kernel, hemp seed, mastic, tomato paste, cumin seed flour, flower flour, indigo, black cumin powder, black cumin, tamarindus indica, laurel seeds, soap, coffee, herbal tea, dried fruit, vegetable juices, shampoo, thyme, corn, coconut, cardamom, cream, pomegranate sauce, basil, mint, vinegar, marmalade, sugar candy, red pepper flakes, red pepper powder, carbonate, whole black pepper, rosehip, mask, cornflour, massage oil, mustard seed, flaxseed, hair care oil, poppy, henna powder, grape molasses, cellulite oil, skin care oil, poppy butter, cocoa, cornstarch, fish oil, dried parsley, white millet, thistle seed, breadcrumbs, tanning oil, fructus myrobalani nigri, galingale, okra flower, himalayan salt, nettle seed, urfa biber, canary simple, black pepper powder, clove ground, clove granules, john's wort oil, celery seed, armenian bole, ground cumin, cumin seed, henna, pepper flakes, coriander seed, mixed spices, crystallized lemon, wahlep ground, parsley seed, ozone oil, canned herbal products, instant orange tea, herbal herbs
ERCALIK GIDA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ömer ÇALIK    
s food product, food products, cheese, breakfast foods, white cheese, kashar cheese, butter, molasses, sugar, walnut, date, dried mulberry, churchkhela, sugar candy, hard candy, honey, royal jelly
LIZ SEKERLEME        Türkiye         
s turkish delight, turkish delight, hazelnut turkish delight, turkish delight rolls, turkish delight in rolls, pistachio turkish delight, pasha turkish delight, walnut turkish delight, confectionery, sweets, candy, hard candy, sugar candy
HACI SERIF GIDA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Serra AKKOÇ    
s turkish delights, desserts, chocolates, halvah, halva, sugar candies, candies, confectioneries, fruit sweets, giftwares, gifts, souvenirs, sultan turkish delights, baby chocolates, hand made chocolates, dragees, souvenir chocolates, madlen chocolates, croquants, cezerye, honey, fruit leathers, dried fruit roll-up, dried fruit rollup, engagement chocolates, turkish delight, confectionery, candy, chocolate, gift, souvenir, giftware, dragee, sugar candy, madlen chocolate, dessert, croquant, fig desserts, sultan turkish delight, fruit leather, hand made chocolate, institutional chocolates, fruit sweet, baby chocolate, souvenir chocolate, dried fruit roll-ups, dried fruit rollups, engagement chocolate, institutional chocolate, chestnut desserts
s apricot jam, blackberry jam, cacao halva, carob molasses, cezerye, turkish delight, delight, cherry jam, coconut turkish delight, delight types special, double roasted packet fruit turkish delight, double roasted turkish delight, halva, halva types, hard candy, hard candy with fruit, hard candy with hazelnut, hard candy with sesame, jam types, mevlana sugar, molasses types, mulberry molasses, nutty turkish delight, packet cacao halva, packet cezerye delight, pistachio halva, plain hard candy, turkish delight with pistachio, plain turkish delight, jam, sweet, grape molasses, rose jam, strawberry jam, rock candy, sugar coated chickpea, summer halva with walnut, rose covered turkish delight, gummy turkish delight, white turkish delight, cezerye turkish delight, turkish delight safran, packet turkish delight, turkish delight types, double roasted turkish delight ankara, double roasted turkish delight types, plain double roasted turkish delight, double roasted fruit turkish delight, double roasted turkish delight with pistachio, double roasted packet turkish delight, double roasted packet plain turkish delight, double roasted packet turkish delight with pistachio, plain packet delight, rose covered packet delight, covered coconut packet delight, packet delight with hazelnut, packet white delight, packet safran delight, sugar candy, hard candy types, rock candy types, sugar candy types, hard candy with mint, hard candy with lemon, hard candy with mini fruit, winter halva types, packet plain halva, plain halva block, winter cacao halva types, cacao halva block, winter pistachio halva types, packet pistachio halva, pistachio halva block, winter light halva types, plain light halva, packet plain light halva, packet cacao light halva, summer halva types, plain summer halva, packet summer halva with walnut, summer halva with walnut block, tahini types, jar tahini, jar molasses, jar jam, raspberry jam, open tahini, open grape molasses, turkish fairy floss, plastic box halva, plain block halva helvacigil, plastic box cocoa halva, plastic box cocoa tahini halva, plastic box summer halva, plastic box winter halva, plastic box plain summer halva, plastic box plain winter halva, plastic box pistachio tahini halva, plastic box white halva, plastic box cezerye halva, plastic box coconut halva
BGM TARIM VE GIDA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Begüm SÜLLÜ GÜVENÇ    
s fresh vegetables and fruits, tomato paste, juice and energy drink, milk, meat, dry fruits, chicken, vegetable, vegetables, fresh vegetable, fresh vegetables, fruit, fruits, fresh fruit, fresh fruits, orange, oranges, pomegranate, pomegranates, lemon, lemons, strawberry, strawberries, apricot, apricots, dried apricot, dried apricots, dried fig, dried figs, dried raisins, dried raisin, raisin, grape, pepper, paste, pastes, tomato pastes, drink, drinks, juice, energy drink, energy drinks, milk product, mill products, frozen food, frozen foods, dairy product, dairy, candy, chocolate, chocolates, candies, dairy products, dry foods, dry food, dry fruit, red meat, white meat, sugar candy, chicken products, meat products, candy products, white meat products, red meat products, sugar candies, red meat product, white meat product, meat product, candy product, chicken product, chocolate producti chocolate products, sugar candy product, sugar candy products
CONTINENTAL CONFECTIONERY CO. A.S.        Türkiye         
s food, foods, baby products, biscuit, cracker, wafer, chocolate, frozen food, cake, personal care, health products, light products, diabetic products, margarine, liquid oils, culinary, hot drinks, dairy products, sugar candy, gum, breakfast items
BOZDAH ITIMAT SEKERLEME LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s candy, sweets, toffee, sugar candy
ULKER BISKUVI SAN. A.S.        Türkiye         
s baby products, biscuit, cracker, wafer, chocolate, products with chocolate, frozen food products, cake, personal care and health, light and diabetic products, margarine, liquid oils, culinary, hot drinks, dairy products, sugar candy, gum, breakfast items
s giftware, giftwores, chocolates, confectionery, candy, sweets, sugar, sugarplum
s chocolates, candies, sweet, hard candy, sugar candy, wedding candy, baby candies, dragee, turkish delight
OZTAT SEKERLEME        Türkiye         
s chocolates, strawberry soft candy, assorted soft candy, milk toffee sugar, cocoa toffee candy, confectionery, candy, sweets, sugar candy, sugarplum
KAYALAR SEKERLEME        Türkiye         
s cezerye, churchkhela, croquant, turkish fairy floss, candied chestnust, candy, sweets, confectionery, sugar, sugar-coating
KALELIOGLU CIKOLATA VE SEKERL.        Türkiye         
s confectionery, sugar candy, sugarplum, chocolates
KUTLU CIKOLATA SEKERLEME LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s chocolates, confectionery, candy, sugar candy
EFE LOKUM SEKERLEME LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s confectionery, candy, sugar candy, turkish delight
SARVAN SEKERLEME GIDA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s candy, sugar candy, sugarplum